Hand’s up if you have heard the words ‘we provide a more proactive service’ – from any service provider recently. And keep them up if that actually happens? We know right. Words are easy to say, and another thing entirely to deliver on.

Concierge at Home offers a service product based entirely around the customer experience. We want to change the entire concept of what a strata manager does. Starting with our service guarantee. Every strata manager will claim to understand that service is your first priority, and likely, biggest frustration. But do they offer a guarantee against their promise to do better than the others? Because we do.

We wanted to demonstrate that our word is our bond, and we wanted that to be significant, so we’ve introduced two very important points of difference that put you, the customer, first.

Our Service Guarantee states simply, that if we do not return your phone call within 4 business hours, we do not charge your scheme the following months management fee. This promise is applicable to all owners who call, and not just the committee. This is our commitment to you, to be available, when you need us.

We’re also offering no-lock in agreements. We KNOW we will provide you with the best strata management service you have experienced. We don’t need to lock you into unbreakable agreements. If it’s not working out, you can terminate our services. No financial penalty applicable.

It may appear that we’re taking a risk in offering an actual financial guarantee against our service. But we don’t see it that way. We’re betting on our amazing strata concierges, and we know how motivated they are to help. They love what they do, and so will you.

If you are not receiving service that makes you feel actually happy, give us a call. You’ve got nothing to lose. We guarantee it.