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About Us

Can u buy viagra over the counter in australia - Mail order viagra review

Based on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, Concierge at Home provides an unparalleled customer service experience to your entire strata community, whether you’re on the Strata Committee, a property owner or a tenant. Concierge level service is at the heart of everything we do and our goal is to exceed your expectations every time.

Our mission is to assist the Strata Committee in all aspects of strata management, from the basics of fulfilling its Owners Corporation obligations, whilst helping everyone to reach their full potential, whatever that looks like.

Meet the team

Agnes Jursics

Can u buy viagra over the counter in australia - Mail order viagra review

Agnes sets the new standard for service in strata management. She knows that strata management often fails to meet the expectations of its clients because most firms seek only to meet their obligations under the legislation. Agnes sees this as the minimum standard and with a background in customer service, she brings the Concierge-mindset to make sure your strata management needs are fully satisfied. Agnes is Licensee-in-Charge of Concierge at Home. She also has a Masters in Accounting. When not working alongside Strata Committees and helping our Lot Owners, Agnes can be found with her Cavoodle puppy–Ballo–in one of the leafy North Shore’s many off-leash parks.

Bill Maiden

Founder and Non-Executive Director

Bill has built a successful career helping advise and manage both SMEs and some of Australia’s leading blue-chip businesses. He founded Concierge at Home with the belief that Owners Corporations deserved to be managed like businesses because they are businesses. Concierge at Home offers the leading thinking, tools and techniques that Bill gained over 20 years working as a strategy and management consultant with global technology consultancy Accenture, as a private equity investor with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group and across a range of senior management roles. Bill believes that purpose-led Strata Committees, enabled by committed strata managers equipped with right tools and techniques, powerful change can be achieved and the potential of the strata community can be fulfilled. Bill is learning to play the electric guitar and is working on a repertoire of great 80’s rock.