As an Owner, we understand that you need great service and a quick response to your issues  in order to protect your investment, whether it’s your own home or a rental property.

Our Strata Concierges and Strata Managers are dedicated to putting your needs first and are accountable for resolving your issues as quickly as possible and keeping you informed along the way.

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Finding resolutions to your problems

Our Strata Concierges make it their mission to resolve your issue or query on your first contact.

Sometimes they might need to speak to either a Strata Manager or service provider or connect you through to them.

Don't worry though - they are accountable for resolution and won't hand-off a problem. They will update you on their progress every step of the way and notify you once the problem has been resolved.

Also, with extended opening hours until 9pm, there’s always someone to talk to when you need them most.

Protecting your investment

Those problems that seem not to get fixed quickly impact the perceived quality of your building. Prospective buyers are wary of strata properties with obvious issues, even little ones, and are left wondering what other problems may exist in the building.

This can cost sellers potentially tens of thousands of dollars. The consequence is that sale resets the value of all properties in your building, which is why you simply can't afford to put up with poor customer service.

We know that timeliness of fixing issues gets to the value of your investment. We're focused on getting issues resolved quickly to protect your asset.

Can i buy viagra in mexico, Viagra express delivery uk