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Is that tap still leaking? Have you got stains on the carpet? Need help moving? Don’t know who you can trust? We do.

Whether you’re an Owner or Tenant, sometimes you need a little help to get things done so you can get on with enjoying life.

Most strata management firms are only interested in helping if the help you need is about the Owners Corporation or relates to common property. Anything more than that, it’s just not their responsibility.

We think differently and so even if you need help that’s not the obligation of the Owners Corporation, we are willing to provide it.

For a small service fee, depending on what you need, we go one step further to arrange the help or book the services that make life just that little bit easier for you.

How we help you

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Moving is made easy

Moving home can be a highly stressful experience, particularly in strata living.

Concierge at Home provides a Make Your Home Service to facilitate the move and have you settled-in in no time.

We project manage the entire process, including:

  • Managing removalists and packing equipment
  • Arranging connections and disconnections for utilities
  • Waste removal post-move
  • Communications with your strata community, letting them know when you are moving
  • And to celebrate, why not order a bottle of champagne, chilled and ready to open when you arrive?

Staying connected to your community

Concierge at Home keeps residents connected with what’s going on at home and in their communities.

We work with Strata Committees to provide you with updates on what’s going on that may impact you. We pride ourselves in helping to build stronger communities and provide opportunities for you to get involved and engage with the Strata Committee.

Our Strata Leader Program encourages Strata Committee members to better understand what residents in their strata community are looking for because only then can they deliver what their community wants.

Buy non prescription viagra online, Liquid viagra for sale