Running Owners Corporations like
real businesses

That’s because Owners Corporations are real businesses and that’s the way we manage them. With day-to-day tasks taken care of by our Strata Concierges, as a Strata Committee you can now step back as a team to realise your potential by developing a vision for your building and community.

Guided by our exclusive Strata Leader Program, we help you discharge your duties to the Owners Corporation whilst becoming a more cohesive leadership group that best meets the needs of your strata community and unlocks its potential.

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Taking care of day-to-day duties

Concierge at Home can be as hands on as you as a strata committee require – whether you would like to outsource specific tasks or hand over the entire the day-to-day administration process of the Owner’s Corporation – letting you focus on more important areas of strata management.

Connecting with the Strata Community

By building a stronger, closer community with better lines of communication, you will better understand your Strata’s needs and the Committee will enjoy greater support from the people you represent.

Concierge at Home can guide you to find a communications frameworks to suit the needs of your Strata and help you to operate more efficiently as a Committee.

Understanding & managing risk

Using plain English we help Committee members to understand their legal obligations under the Strata Schemes Management Act (2015), so that you fully understand the risks and liabilities associated with your role as a Strata Committee.
We can also put you in touch with relevant insurance experts to protect yourself in any situation.

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