Get A Strata Manager Who Can Help Your Strata Committee Work Better

Are you frustrated at not being able to get more done for your strata community? To achieve this, it is essential that your Strata Committee operates as a highly effective team. The challenge is few Strata Committees work this way and despite everyone’s best intentions and commitment of time, many Committees struggle to work together to make the most of their homes or investment.

Our approach to helping Strata Committees become more successful – Concierge At Home’s exclusive Strata Leader Program – takes the practical and proven practices used by some of the leading blue-chip companies in Australia and overseas to help your Strata Committee work better.

Imagine what you could achieve for yourself and your strata community if your Strata Committee was the best it could be. Improvements to common property, new balconies with the possibilities of new views; more amenities for residents and families, all of which is helping to improve the value of your strata community’s asset and making strata living better for everyone.

What does Strata Leader involve?

  • Two hour workshop attended by all Strata Committee members
  • Facilitated by Concierge At Home representative and Strata Manager
  • Building trust and familiarity with your fellow leadership team members
  • Exploration of personal objectives from membership of the Stata Committee
  • Formation of an agreed vision, objectives and goals for the Owners Corporation
  • Documented outcomes from session including your Owners Corporation Strategy on a Page


Strata Committees are leadership teams that can achieve more together


Agreement around a clear vision and articulation of goals for your home.


The best functioning teams know and trust each other


Objectives, goals and outcomes must be determined.

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